dimanche 4 février 2007

Establishing a Fabu Wardrobe

You know what just makes my skin crawl, as superficial as it's going to sound? Minding my own business while walking down the street on a warm day in spring, smiling and soaking up the sun, and BOOM! There she is. The woman in the exact same top as me. It's like you tried your best to look different. You even scoured the insides of every available "vintage, high couture" thrift store to pick up something that would stand out in the crowd but nope! You have successfully failed and now here comes miss Minnie Me walking past you with an uncomfortable gaze in her eyes. What she's thinking inside? Well, the same as you. "Damn, not again."

Establishing a Fabu Wardrobe

I. Go for, simple yet sexy classic pieces.

How about cute, feminine tank tops that can be paired with a great pair of dark jeans or a knee-legnth pencil skirt for a simple yet sexy look?

(photo provided by Nordstrom)

Women tend to over-do their look with flashy tops and accessories but a simple, "It looks like I didn't try that hard" kind of outfit allows for a certain sensualness to exude from a woman.